How can I register to www.winwithciti.com? Does my username need to be the same as my e-mail address with Citibank? What is my Log-In password? I haven’t received any on SMS or e-mail. Why do I keep getting an error message saying that my Log-In password is invalid when I try to register? Do I need my own password after creating an account? Can I reset my log-in password if I have forgotten it? Can I create a winwithciti account on multiple devices (e.g. laptop, smartphone) at the same time? How will I know that I have successfully created a winwithciti account? How can I win the instant prizes on winwithciti? What purchases on my Citi credit card will earn play codes? Where will I receive my play code? I accidentally deleted the SMS I received after I made a transaction. Does this mean I will no longer be able to play on winwithciti? I didn't receive an SMS or e-mail after I made a transaction. Will I still get my play codes? How do I play the game? What prizes are at stake? Can I win more than 1 prize? How do I know if I won? How can I claim my instant prize? How can I claim the extra raffle entries? Can I just print my e-coupon on on winwithciti and present it to the redemption outlet? Until when can I redeem my prize/s? What are the details of the grand raffle draw?